Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The One Hundred Workout

“The One Hundred Workout”
●Sit ups
●Pull downs

Main Concept:
The reason why I chose these exercises is because I want to focus on my chest, calves, torso, legs and back.  These are the major muscle groups that I wanted to condition in a different way with more focus on them.  Hopefully the end result will be more stratification of the muscle and more definition.     I do these repetitions every Wednesday.  I am at an advanced stage so I can complete the repetitions in two sets of fifty per body part.  I work on the upper body first then I work on the lower body.  After I am done the rest of the workout is straight cardiovascular.  If you are at a beginning stage, break it up into four sets of twenty five and make it a circuit.  For those of you who wish to try this please leave some feedback and I will post your thoughts!

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