Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Your bank account: The next thing to go obsolete

People please read this article!  As citizens we need to be very wary of this issue.  I personally don't want to see the handling of money in a purely digital format.  The opportunity for crime is just too high.  It is bad enough that the IRS and the United States government website as well well as other financial institutions have been affected by cyber crime as well.  So, as citizens what do we do to combat this?

It might finally be time to break up with your bank.

Not only is banking not for everyone, accounts are inaccessible to about half of the world. People are too poor, live too far from a bank or don't have the required documentation. Abra, a new startup, makes banking more accessible while completely cutting out the actual bank.  With Abra, all of your banking lives on your phone. You can withdraw funds, deposit cash and send money using the app. There are no ATMs and no bank branches. (The service is different from recent innovations like Simple, Venmo, PayPal and Chase Pay because those all require bank accounts.)
The idea is that all banking should be as easy as sending a text message.
"In a hyper-connected world, it is astounding to me that you can't pick up the phone and instantly send money to any other phone number in the world," said Abra founder Bill Barhydt, a former software engineer for Goldman Sachs based in San Francisco. He presented his company last week at the Exponential Finance conference in New York.
"Traditional banking is really good at serving the global 5% to 10% of consumers who reach a certain income level," Barhydt said. "The reality is, the majority of the planet is a cash-based economy and banking doesn't work for those people."
Here's how Abra works: Say you need $100 in cash. To get it, you would open the app and find a bank teller near you using your phone's GPS. Bank tellers can be regular people, as well as businesses like convenience stores. If it's a person, they've had a background check through Abra. (The system is similar to how Uber vets drivers.)
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Teacher To Teacher: Classroom Reform Starts With “The Talk” by Melissa Halpern -- June 2, 2015

We teachers often complain, justifiably, that policy makers and even school administrators are too disconnected from the classroom to understand how students learn best. Research is one thing, we claim, but experience is another. As the only adults in the school setting who have ongoing, sustained experience with students, we’re in the best position to understand them—but do we really? Do we understand our students’ educational priorities, turn-ons, anxieties, and bones-to-pick in our classrooms and in the school at large?
The truth is that no amount of research or experience makes us experts on the experiences and perspectives of the unique individuals who inhabit our classrooms. If we want to know what’s going on in their minds, we have to ask. We have to have “the school talk.”
What have students learned that is important to them, and what do they wish they could learn? What makes them feel happy and empowered at school? What makes them feel bored, stressed, or dehumanized?
For the teacher who thinks his job is to deliver content, these questions are irrelevant. For the teacher who is interested in helping students build meaningful relationships with content, they are essential. A recent study, Caring Leadership in Schools, identifies “attentiveness”— paying attention to and understanding people as individuals—as an essential element of caring, which leads to “personal wellbeing and academic success” (Louis, Murphy, & Smylie 2015).
It makes total sense; if we understand our students and their needs, we have a better chance of meeting those needs.
But “the talk” can be scary. It will likely unveil a swarm of problems, some of them local, others systemic, and few, if any solutions. When I started having these candid conversations with my students, they said a lot of things I didn’t want to hear: “In school I feel like I’m nothing more than a number;” “Nothing I’m learning here is going to help me in life;” “I feel like I’m in prison;” “It’s hard to focus on learning when I’m stressed out about grades;” “I hate ____ (fill in the title of whatever required reading I had enthusiastically selected).”
Initially, hearing these things made me feel helpless. As a teacher, my realm of influence is mostly limited to the classroom, and even there, I work under conditions that are to a large degree beyond my control. But the more I ask and listen, the more I understand the underlying needs revealed by my students’ comments, even if what they say is not always true at face value.
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The Trunk Club

For all of you gentlemen who are clothes aficionado's such as such as myself, I came across this website that offers a personal stylist when shopping,  I have been purchasing clothes for a very long time but I must admit that this is a fresh approach to shopping.  I have joined "the club"  and now I will use it change up the wardrobe. Click on the link below and join "the club"  as well!'


GNC Pro Performance® AMP Amplified Wheybolic Extreme 60™ Power

So, it has been about a year since I have been using the IsoPure protein for my training.  The protein mix has given me the desired results.  I have leaned out and my weight has maintained itself at 195 pounds.  I love the mix because it helps with recovery and I know that my cholesterol levels won't accelerate due to use.  However, there is one thing that I miss in regards to the previous GNC brand that I was using and that is the power that it gives while lifting.  So, after my tri annual cholesterol check, my levels are now normal.  Therefore, I have temporarily switched to the GNC AMP Wheybolic Extreme Power protein mix for my training.  At this juncture, I have been using it for approximately one week.  I can already feel the bulking phase returning as well as the strength that I experienced previously prior to the switch to IsoPure.  I am making the commitment to use this protein mix the entire summer.  I will report out the results and the effects of my training once given the proper time trial.  I will list the ingredients of the mix and its purported effects when combined with a regular weight training schedule.  
Yours in training, T.

  • Clinically Proven Ingredients Deliver More Size & Anabolic Power + 30% Increase in Muscle Strength*
  • 60g Whey Protein Isolate & Hydrolysate Formula + 18g BCAA for Improved Muscle Recovery & Growth*
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30% Increase in Muscle Strength
This unique protein blend includes an anabolic module of 20 grams of whey protein and 6.2 grams of leucine that was clinically tested in an 8-week study of athletes performing an intense resistance exercise training regimen. The athletes using this proprietary module of whey protein and leucine demonstrated an increased improvement in muscle strength and muscle size as compared to those performing the same exercise training regimen who did not consume the proprietary module. In a clinical study of participants using a unilateral lower limb resistance training protocol, even the untrained limb demonstrated increases in muscle size.* 

What is Amplified Wheybolic Extreme 60™ Power?
GNC's most advanced protein, Amplified Wheybolic Extreme 60™, has evolved even further to help meet your specific training goals and develop more strength and power. This product is the only whey protein isolates to combine the whey and leucine clinically shown to the fuel increased strength and size with additional ingredients proven to amplify power and anabolism. This formula features a protein blend that has been validated in clinical studies to give you a 30% increase in strength, increased muscle size and a 100% improvement in exercise efficiency.* Our GNC scientists have AMPed up the protein with a Power Complex featuring an mTOR-stimulating BCAA blend for protein synthesis and added creatine to increase anabolic muscle growth*, making the product a combination of 7 products in 1!*

GNC Pro Performance® AMP Amplified Wheybolic Extreme 60™ Power - French Vanilla - GNC PRO PERFORMANCE - GNC

Monday, June 8, 2015

Dr. Cornell West

The escalating deaths and sufferings in Black and poor America and the marvelous new militancy in our Ferguson moment should compel us to focus on what really matters: The life and death issues of police murders, poverty, mass incarceration, drones, TPP (unjust trade policies), vast surveillance, decrepit schools, unemployment, Wall Street power, Israeli occupation of Palestinians, Dalit resistance in India, and ecological catastrophe.
Character assassination is the refuge of those who hide and conceal these issues in order to rationalize their own allegiance to the status quo. I am neither a saint nor prophet, but I am a Jesus-loving free Black man in a Great Tradition who intends to be faithful unto death in telling the truth and bearing witness to justice. I am not beholden to any administration, political party, TV channel or financial sponsor because loving suffering and struggling peoples is my point of reference. Deep integrity must trump cheap popularity. Nothing will stop or distract my work and witness, even as I learn from others and try not to hurt others.
But to pursue truth and justice is to live dangerously. In the spirit of John Coltrane’s LOVE SUPREME, let us focus on what really matters: the issues, policies, and realities that affect precious everyday people catching hell and how we can resist the lies and crimes of the status quo!
Is America in need of a new Progressive Era? Remember reform and change requires involvement people! Business, politics and race relations need to be addressed once again. It appears that the politicians are more interested in serving themselves than citizens. Corrupt machines are controlling once again. ‪#‎historical‬ precedent