Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Fast Fuel Pre-Workout Supplement

Preworkout Supplement:

Fast Fuel: RSP Nutrition
This is the Pre-workout supplement that I have been using since June of 2014.  I know that I have reviewed other products on my blog regarding pre-workout mixes but I will admit that this is the one that I will stick with.  I must admit, I did like the Mike Change Afterburn pre-workout mix but I did not like the price. The GNC brand that I was using was also good but not in comparison to Fast Fuel.  The advantages of this mix are clear.  The price is excellent!  The product has been very effective in how my body has changed.  I have lost weight and gained a nice lean physique.  I attribute the change to the Fast Fuel mix as well as the Isopure protein powder and change in diet.  In short, my structure has changed dramatically.  I will speak to the diet and workout changes in a new post.
Yours in training,

·         Designed to build lean muscle and promote a lean athletic physique.*
·         Contains Agmatine Sulfate, Arginie AKG and Arginie HCL for maximum Nitric Oxide production.*
·         The only concentrated pre-workout supplement with a full BCAA profile, Beta Alanine and Glutamine.*
·         Intense Energy and Focus with no crash.*
·         Great taste and solubility

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