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Isopure Zero Carbohydrate Protein Powder

Isopure Original Zero Carb Protein Powder


Hello people!  This is the follow up to my last review or post regarding protein powders.  Since my last post, I realized that my cholesterol levels were somewhat disagreeable.  I looked at the GNC Ripped Mass protein that I was using and I learned that the cholesterol levels in the powder were aggravating my body’s natural regular creation of the plaque.  I use a lot of the powder due to the intensity of my workouts.  So, I remembered that three years ago I used to use Isopure for my protein supplement.  I use the zero carbohydrate powder so that I am not increasing or adding to my natural cholesterol production.  Therefore, I am going to stick with this protein for the foreseeable future.  I am recommending this product for this very reason.  Also, if you look at other reviews, you will see that this powder promotes healthy weight loss and the building of muscle mass.  Thus far, I have been using it for two weeks.  I will post another review in six months so that I can speak to its effectiveness.  I was quite satisfied with the GNC Ripped Mass powder so I still recommend that product to those who do not have the genetic cholesterol issues such as myself. Check out the website to look at the ingredients and the products that the company makes.  Till then, good lookin in the gym.


August 19, 2014

So, in February of 2014 I had my yearly physical.  At that point in time, I switched the protein powder from GNC Amplified Whey to the Isopure brand.  At that point in time i weighed two hundred and forty pounds.  As of now, my weight is 195.  I attribute the weight loss to the change in diet as well as the protein powder.  I use this powder twice a day.  I use it for my post workout and as my last intake for the day.  I make the shake one hour prior to bedtime. I have been able to control the snacking in between meals as well as the sugar intake in regard to drinks due to the structuring of my diet schedule as well as what food and drink I bring into my household.  So, I absolutely recommend this product.  My cholesterol levels have not increased since my last blood check and my blood pressure is normal.  So making the switch from the GNC brand to the Isopure brand was a good choice for me.  Like I said before, if you are an individual who has normal cholesterol, then  try the GNC brand.  I will say that it is effective.  However, each individual has to use what his or her body prescribes for them.  I hope that this information is helpful to those who are interested. 

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Nature's Best:Isopure Original

100% Whey Protein Isolate!

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July 14, 2016

I have currently discontinued use of this product.  I switched back to the GNC brand of protein.  I do not like the fact that the salt intake was increased and I wasn't receiving the post recovery results that i used to get from it.  I do not know what has taken place but I need more nutrients post workout.
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