Sunday, April 27, 2014

Fox Guest Flips Out In Shock After Activist Calls Affirmative Action Ban 'Racist'


Jennifer Gratz, CEO and founder of XIV Foundation, on Sunday blasted Supreme Court Justice Sonya Sotomayor for opposing a recent Supreme Court ruling which gave states the right to ban Affirmative Action.

In a 6-2 decision on Tuesday, the Supreme Court upheld a voter-approved initiative banning affirmative action in Michigan, and essentially making similar bans safe in seven other states.
But Justice Sotomayor noted in her 58-page dissent that minority enrollment had decreased at Michigan’s public universities under the ban.
During an interview on Fox News Sunday, Gratz blasted Sotomayor for pointing out that racial minorities were now the only type of minorities that could lobby the university for enrollment.
She argued that the ruling was fair because whites could also not expect to be admitted based on their race.
"I think that Justice Sotomayor's dissent was unfortunate," Gratz opined. "I think that good people can disagree on this issue. I do think she took it -- the discourse -- to a level that was beyond what we've seen."

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