Friday, September 6, 2013

Cellucore C4 Extreme Preworkout

Alright people, it is my turn to talk about my visit to my local GNC store in Manchester.  I went in to purchase my products that I use to help me train in the gym.  As usual I purchased the GNC protein and vitamins that I have spoken about on my blog.  However, I have changed my pre workout supplement.  I have chosen to try the Cellucore C4 Extreme supplement.  I constantly browse the Internet and last week after viewing one of the videos from Mike Chang on six pack shortcuts, I asked for a sample of the Cellucore and after using the samples, I find that I like what it does for me in the gym.  I feel like I am able to focus more and acquire more energy prior to the workout.  For example, I had a huge workout today after my warmup.  As far as I  am concerned, this is week one.  I will write my review after use of one month.  Please stay tuned.


·         Contains Creatine Nitrate
·         Highly Explosive Energy
·         NO3 Pump Technology
·         Rapid Absorption System

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