Monday, September 30, 2013

24's by Terry Crews

Terry Crews Complete Workout

Upright Row

Power Clean

Romanian Deadlift

Jump Squat

Terry Crews knows a thing or two about shaping up for action. From his days in the NFL to his current starring roles on TV and movie screens, he has needed a body that can perform on cue—and look good doing it, too. His masterpiece? Circuit 24

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Crony Capitalism

Definition of 'Crony Capitalism'

A description of capitalist society as being based on the close relationships between businessmen and the state. Instead of success being determined by a free market and the rule of law, the success of a business is dependent on the favoritism that is shown to it by the ruling government in the form of tax breaks, government grants and other incentives.

Investopedia explains 'Crony Capitalism'

Both socialists and capitalists have been at odds with each other over assigning blame to the opposite group for the rise of crony capitalism. Socialists believe that crony capitalism is the inevitable result of pure capitalism. This belief is supported by their claims that people in power, whether business or government, look to stay in power and the only way to do this is to create networks between government and business that support each other. 

On the other hand, capitalists believe that crony capitalism arises from the need of socialist governments to control the state. This requires businesses to operate closely with the government to achieve the greatest success.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Silent Nite® Slide-Link - Stop Snoring!

I just recently received one of these from my dentist, Dr. Arbuckle at the Hartford Dental Group located in Hartford Connecticut.  I have used the device for one week now and I am absolutely loving it.  It is way better than the CPAP Machine that I have been using for the last few years.

Snoring can be a real problem, not only for the person who snores, but for the partner and other family members who live with the snorer. However, there is a dentist-prescribed solution for a more restful night's sleep: Silent Nite® SL. This affordable device is flexible, thin and comfortable for your patients, and it exhibits documented clinical success in mitigating or even preventing the disruptive, unhealthy effects of snoring and sleep apnea.

Silent Nite® sl positions the lower jaw forward using special S-shaped connectors that are attached to upper and lower trays. These trays are comprised of a soft inner layer with a hard outer layer that is durable and BPA-free. The new, improved connectors are stronger than those found on the original Silent Nite® and are easily interchangeable by the patient. This intraoral appliance is indicated for patients with a minimum of eight teeth per jaw and a body mass index (BMI) of 30 or less.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

School bullying's chilling new front

(CNN) -- Can cruel words really kill?
The answer, unfortunately, is yes. Recently, a teenage boy killed himself in Connecticut. Bart Palosz was just 15 when he took his family's shotgun and decided, apparently, that he had no other option but suicide. Last year, 12-year-old Joel Morales of New York hanged himself in his family's home. Earlier this year, 17-year-old Rehtaeh Parsons of Nova Scotia, Canada, died from self-inflicted hanging injuries.
What did these two boys and one girl have in common?
They appear to have been bullied to death, friends and family members have said. For Bart, it was his size and Polish accent that the bullies repeatedly targeted. With Joel, bullies targeted him because of his small stature and stuttering. Joel's mother said she reported this to the school, but the bullying merely escalated
Rehtaeh was the target of a bullying campaign after she made allegations that four teens sexually assaulted her. After the alleged assault, during which at least one photo was taken, someone distributed the photo, an illegal act, and still police indicated at the time that they would charge no one.
Rehtaeh's mother said her daughter suffered more than a year of harassment where her tormentors used the photo to ruin her reputation and break her spirit. We learned only last month, far too late to help Rehtaeh, that officials have finally charged two people in connection with the distribution of the photo.
Many schools say they have zero tolerance to bullying policies in place. In fact, officials at Cowetta Intermediate High School in Oklahoma say they have just such a policy. Authorities are still investigating whether 15-year-old Triston Stephens, who shot and killed himself in that school's bathroom on a Monday morning earlier this year, was a target of bullying. Some parents in the district said school officials ignored bullying that was taking place there.
Why do these problems seem more frequent and the bullying more vicious than ever before? After all, bullying existed long before cyberspace, social networking and text messaging. What has changed?
Are bullies meaner? Are there more of them? Why do children who are bullied today experience overwhelming feelings of isolation and despair, such that they feel compelled to end their young lives rather than endure any more torment?
The answer is simple. Now one person or a small group of bullies can exponentially raise the torment to an unimaginable level in cyberspace. One nasty comment can be "liked" on Facebook, retweeted or forwarded dozens or hundreds of times in an instant, making it seem to the bullied child that the whole world is out to get her.
Teens naturally feel a need to belong, to fit in. When they are bullied, especially by those using technology as a weapon, it may seem that they are all alone and that everyone they know is participating in the hate. The bullying is also much harder to escape, no longer limited to occasions when bully and victim are in the same place.
It can go on anywhere and anytime with the victim not only receiving bullying texts or tweets or posts, but also knowing that the bully is gratified when others read, view, or repost the nasty comments or photos.
Teens can fear repercussions if they disclose this abuse. And, yes, let's call it abuse since that is what goes on in a bullying case. They may feel they will never escape the reputation the bully has built for them and then see no alternative to suicide. Tragedy flows from such desperation.
Is there a solution?
Clearly, zero tolerance policies don't always work. There are definitive steps schools and parents should take. It's not enough for schools to declare zero tolerance, they must also engage their students in wide-ranging discussions on bullying and its impact on the victims.
Some schools have student-lead councils where rules are established and bullying accusations are adjudicated by the students themselves. Peer pressure works both ways, after all. Schools must establish clear rules and enforce severe consequences for students who bully at school, whether it is in person or via electronic devices issued by or used on school property.
Schools should also monitor cyberbehavior by students. There are good software tools that monitor cyberactivity in real time and flag threats based on keyword libraries that are specific to threatening, bullying, suicidal or violent language. Every school should have this kind of sophisticated monitoring to capture such behavior.
Parents should be equally responsible. Parents are often told to monitor their children's cyberbehavior to protect them from being groomed by predators or from sending illicit images of themselves. But parents should also monitor their children to see if they are doing the bullying.
They should talk broadly about cybersafety with their children.
They should talk to their children about the effect of one post or one photo on their futures. They should regularly monitor their child's technology, whether on social networking sites or on devices themselves.
It is time to reframe the debate over bullying.
It is not just "mean girls" or "boys being boys." It is the aggressive emotional abuse of a child, and we must all stand against it. Lives depend on it.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Cellucore C4 Extreme Preworkout

Alright people, it is my turn to talk about my visit to my local GNC store in Manchester.  I went in to purchase my products that I use to help me train in the gym.  As usual I purchased the GNC protein and vitamins that I have spoken about on my blog.  However, I have changed my pre workout supplement.  I have chosen to try the Cellucore C4 Extreme supplement.  I constantly browse the Internet and last week after viewing one of the videos from Mike Chang on six pack shortcuts, I asked for a sample of the Cellucore and after using the samples, I find that I like what it does for me in the gym.  I feel like I am able to focus more and acquire more energy prior to the workout.  For example, I had a huge workout today after my warmup.  As far as I  am concerned, this is week one.  I will write my review after use of one month.  Please stay tuned.


·         Contains Creatine Nitrate
·         Highly Explosive Energy
·         NO3 Pump Technology
·         Rapid Absorption System

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Exercises to Lose Belly Fat and Build noticeable abdominal muscles

How many of you are working hard in the gym day in and day out and you still have not seen any change in your midsection?  I must admit that I am one of those people who have been pushing heavy weight and not seeing my abs pop like they should.  So, at the beginning of the summer I changed my workout routine and my diet.  I have seen plenty of video from professional trainers and looked at plenty of exercises that will sculpt the body if performed properly.  After conducting my research I have concluded that these are the best exercises to perform to get those abs to pop out. 
The core must be the focus if you wish to change your lower body.  Also, I have made the necessary changes to the diet.  I do agree that not eating my favorite sugary, starchy foods have been a royal sacrifice, but if it helps me to look better than I will just have to pay the price for giving up those foods. 
For those individuals who do not know what these exercises look like, go to you tube and type in the exercise.  The video will show you proper form and give advice on how many reps to perform etc.  Check out six pack shortcuts on you tube.  Trust me Mike Chang is dope.  He knows what he is talking about.  One other thing of note, to ignite the after burn effect, jump one hundred steps with a rope in between each set.  This combines aerobic and anaerobic states of exercise in one routine.  You will continue to burn calories after you are done working out.

The following are five exercises that do work:
Clean and Press. 
Squat Press. 
Front squats. 
Mountain Climbers. 
Try to do each of these exercises in two to three sets of six to eight reps each, using a weight that’s just heavy enough to be challenging.