Thursday, August 8, 2013

If blacks say the N-word, whites can too by Omekon

Well America, what do you think?  Comments please! 
Check out the video!  Impressive!
By omekongo  |  Posted August 6, 2013  |  Washington, District of Columbia

CNN PRODUCER NOTE     Longtime iReport pundit omekongo said he is 'tired of the double standard' and was inspired to record this commentary. 'I'm tired of some black folks saying it's a term of endearment when those same black people we'll talk about killing n.....s. I just think we as black Americans need to be honest with ourselves about the role we are playing in our own demise. We can't keep sending this word around the world and just think it's all ok. It's disgraceful to everything our ancestors fought to change.'
- hhanks, CNN iReport producer

As long as we continue to put the N-word in our music, movies, and other areas of public life, we should not be surprised that other groups use the word. Every group has terms that they use among themselves but they don't promote them to the world. It's human nature. If we want the same level of respect that other groups receive relating to derogatory terms used against them, we need to clean up our own act.

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