Monday, July 8, 2013

Grad students lash out against Teach for America in scathing statement by Michaela Gianotti

Things can get a little awkward for students paying for a degree in education when their university partners with an organization that uses a five-week training program to pump out teachers. Teach for America, a group that places recent grads in low-income schools to teach for two years, should have thought twice before seeking a partnership with the University of Minnesota. In a less-than-polite statement, 10 students in Minnesota's teaching program accused the organization of sending "underprepared teachers into communities of students already often marginalized by the education system." The group argued that teachers should have long term investments in their communities. According to Erin Dyke, a Ph.D. candidate who helped write the statement, the majority of TFA corps members leave their schools after two years.


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