Saturday, June 15, 2013

Town To Fight Bullies By Hitting their Parents With Three Figure Fines

Town to fight bullies by hitting their parents with three-figure fines

A Wisconsin community is fighting bullies by hitting them right in the bank account. Or, more specifically, in their parents' bank accounts. The city of Monona's new anti-bullying ordinance will fine the parents of would-be Biff Tannens $114 for their child's first violation and $177 for each additional one. (But the bullies get one freebie: a written warning the first time they're caught.) "I think it's fantastic," said Jason Burns, the director of a bullying prevention organization. "It forces parents to be more involved in their child's life, if they're not already." Police officers say the ordinance will be used on parents who are "uncooperative" and not on those who make an effort to change their kids' ways. [Source]

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