Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Rally to Fight "Right to Work" in Michigan

EXCLUSIVE: 35,000 Rally To Fight ‘Right To Work’ In Michigan

As I arrived Tuesday morning, the crowds were assembling in force, and the loudspeakers started getting cheers from folks by asking who was here from the IBEW, CWA, Steelworkers, Nurses, etc. Lots of excitement. As I slowly worked my way through the crowd to get into a good place to shoot a few pics, I had to swallow my claustrophobia. I felt a lot like the kid in the movie Extremely Loud And Incredibly Closeand clutched my camera tightly, maybe even shook it like he did the tambourine.

These are some of the shots I got. I was struck by the number of cops about, some on horseback, some with tear gas, some with dogs. At first, it felt strange to me because the crowd I was with, meaning everyone there, was peaceful and maybe even subdued.

However, I know from the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations that sometimes, there are agents in the crowd planted there to start something, and sometimes the cops start it by pushing and prodding a very compact group of people until they push back, or by breaking out the pepper spray or “batons.”

One thing that always bothers me at these rallies and demonstrations is when the crowd starts yelling (at the politicians, the cops, etc.), “Shame! Shame!”

Look, these bastards have no shame. At all. I’d rather be yelling, “FUCK YOU!” and “WE KNOW WHERE YOU LIVE!” and “WE’RE MAD AS HELL, AND WE’RE NOT GONNA TAKE THIS ANYMORE!”

But that’s just me.


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