Sunday, October 14, 2012

Book Excerpt Battlegrounds America's War in Education and Finance A View From the Front Lines By Todney Harris

Entertainment and Media

            The media is also a major matter of concern.  The quest for the almighty dollar cannot be the placed over the needs of the masses.  The television networks are multinational companies.  They employ millions of people and they conduct business all over the world.  The sad truth is that nations that reside in Asia and Europe are taking the lead in education.  The glaring truth is that our educational systems and student performance is lacking behind other industrialized nations.  It is my opinion that culturally, our television and other forms of electronic entertainment have led to the denigration of our educational standards.  The youth in America are being exposed to subject matter that is adult orientated in an effort to maximize profit potential through advertising during what is considered “prime time hours”. 

            The Federal Government must intervene.  The content on television must be curbed.  I think that the Federal Communications Commission must do a better job of regulating the media outlets.  The television shows aren’t age appropriate.  The advertising commercials also aren’t age appropriate.  The music industry is all together another issue.  I cannot even begin to talk about how bad the music is.  Please keep in mind that I am not singling out any particular type of genre either.  For the most part, it is all bad.  The industry has become fixated on sex and it has permeated through to the youth.  The Federal Government in conjunction with the FEC should make the prime time networks to order them to create specialized time slots for these adult theme shows.  The music industry needs formal regulation as well.  I do not know how to curb the actions of the men and women who write the lyrics.  I understand that musicians have a right to produce the music of their choice.  I just wish that it would be better regulated.  The music videos are also another issue.  Once again, the issue of sex and sexploitation has to be addressed.  The women in these music videos are barely dressed and major body parts are in full frontal and rear view.  What on earth is going on here?  Is nothing sacred? 

            The entertainment industry is a major fixation of America’s youth.  It does not take a scientist to realize this.  The youth have hand held electronic devices that connect them to the wide world of entertainment.  MP3 players and cellular phones have transformed the connection between youth and entertainment.  It is very hard for youth to escape the constant bombardment of images and music that is only a click away from a device. 

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