Monday, August 13, 2012

Battlegrounds: America's War in Education and Finance Review by John Pratt


Mr. Harris addresses the problems facing our educational institutions from a teacher's /parent's point of view in his book and it should be obvious to everyone that changes must be made - and soon.
Mr. Harris does a good job of explaining why and how our educational system came into being and why it's no longer working. He also addresses the factors in our society that have shaped, and continue to influence, the educational system. America is on the verge of losing its middle class and the distribution of wealth has never been so one sided. It would seem that a major underlying problem is the lack of accountability in America. From the politicians, to the wealthy, to the parents - even our children, it is apparent that passing the blame and responsibility, has become the norm in today's society.
Having spent time teaching part-time, I have seen the problems in our school systems first hand and know that our educators aren't paid enough and certainly don't get the respect, much less the help, they deserve. It's time to make changes, our future and your children’s, depend on it.
This is a must read book for not only parents but everyone that wonders why our school system, and society in general, is failing.

John M. H. Pratt

Here's where you'll find Mr. Harris's book:

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