Friday, July 20, 2012

Book Review The Magic Window

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Posted by Todney Harris

Review #1 The Magic Window by John M.H. Pratt

 John M.H Pratt’s paperback The Magic Window is an insightful children’s book that teaches children about the wonders of nature via the birth of young Robins in a nest.  The story talks about the journey of the young birds to maturation up until they leave the nest.  I especially liked the variety of colorful pictures that are included in the paperback. 


Even before I read this book, I was very interested in books that cater to children.  As the parent of a five year old, I am always on the hunt for books that are interesting and colorful.  In addition, I look for books that incorporate lessons that revolve around the world in which we live.  Young minds are curious about nature and I am very glad to see that Mr. Pratt used nature as the theme for his writing.   I must say that Mr. Pratt’s book The Magic Window was very successful in keeping my son’s attention.  I also appreciated the fact that Mr. Pratt included mathematics within his writing.  The counting of the eggs was a pleasant surprise.  I am so impressed by the book that I am going to recommend the book to every parent of a child who is learning to read and is curious about nature. 

Rating on the run (4.5/5) I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

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