Saturday, June 23, 2012

Destroying A Cohesive America

by EdwardBerger on June 23, 2012

We are experiencing what it takes to destroy a Nation that was unified by its educational system. How is this being done? They start by destroying our public schools to gain access to children’s minds and program them to be fodder for a new order. The movement grows by placing corporations above individuals and ensuring that the people behind corporate acts are invisible and not held responsible. They use media to misrepresent the facts and make people believe that our educational system has totally failed. They subvert Representative Democracy by controlling elected representatives and writing self-serving legislation and new laws for them to put in place. They use States Rights issues to take control of state governments. They rewrite textbooks and curriculum to reflect the values of their order, and new interpretations of our history and of the Constitution. They use religion to justify political positions. They destroy unions and worker’s representation. They financially sway elections and buy their minions into key positions.

No, I am not parroting Adolph Hitler’s takeover of Germany. No, I am not outlining what Stalin and his minions did in Russia. No, I am not regurgitating the creeds of Fascism, although those models are being put into place in America, right now.

As a result of the extreme right’s destruction of schools, creation of partial schools, introduction of new curricula, and the discrediting of educators and those they do not control, Americans are experiencing the most serious threat ever to individual rights and a free society.

On Obama’s watch, tens of thousands of children are losing their shot at the American Dream, as comprehensive, interdisciplinary, curriculum-based, fact-based schools are destroyed, and partial, fact-adverse and limited curricula schools are put in place. Obama inherited this Bush-era nightmare, but his administration has not stopped it. It will take the complete focus of his leadership to repair the damage already done. If he does not reestablish a cohesive educational system, the dreams of a twisted few will guide the corporate powers and America will lose its promise.


Mike Breen said...

Obama is no friend to public education. He's not interested in reversing this destructive trend- in fact, he's made things worse, with his appointment of Arne Duncan as Ed. Secretary, and his tacit (and sometimes explicit) approval of Duncan's policies.
He may turn out to be the lesser of two evils in the upcoming election, but make no mistake- he's still evil.

Todney Harris said...

Unfortunately, I have to agree. The special interests and millionaires are out to privatize public education. The assault on education and educators is paramount. I hope that the public will realize the information that is propaganda and what is actually real! Keep the faith and keep fighting!