Thursday, May 17, 2012

Same Sex Marriages (Todney Harris)

Recently, President Obama stated his opinion regarding same sex marriages publicly.  Before I start to speak about my opinions regarding his statements, I want to say for the record that I do not oppose civil unions between gay men and lesbian women.  My reason for taking this stance is due to the fact that I am approaching the subject as a taxpayer and a citizen.  I think that the issue of same sex marriages should be looked upon as a political issue and not as a religious issue.  Case in point, couples need a marriage license in order to wed don’t they?  As couples decide to separate and divorce, they need to contract lawyers and get approval from a judge in order to make the divorce official right?  As far as I am concerned, marriage is a legal enterprise that is recognized by the state.  Pastors and other church clergy just make the ceremony official by conducting the service in a church, synagogue or mosque.  The reason why states consider marriages legal entities is due to the fact that each spouse is responsible for taxes and debt that they collect while married.

The second issue that I feel is of the utmost importance is that same sex marriages are legal in nine states thus far.  I have not heard any citizens or church clergy turning against the Governors.  The governors had to sign the bill into law which recognizes civil same sex unions Where is the backlash for their actions?  Hmmm…..I wonder….. does the fact that President Obama is an African American male have anything to do with the national backlash that is happening?  Furthermore, since I feel that same sex marriages are a political issue, why are the religious institutions making a huge issue at this particular time?  Most importantly, the religious institutions are politicizing the issue!  Talk about the pot calling the kettle black!  Once again my point is being proven.  If this were not an election year, I feel that the religious institutions would not take this current stance.  It seems that people are out to take shots at President Obama whenever they can. 

All I can say is that I am really annoyed with the African American churches.  As far as I am concerned, this is an act of betrayal. Why are the pastors speaking out the civil unions on CNN?  Why didn’t they speak out when the Governor’s legalized same sex marriages?  The Constitution states that every person is entitled to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  The Constitution also states that citizens cannot be denied of the right to life and property.  Therefore, gay men and lesbian women should be afforded the right to engage in civil union.  Most of them have been engaged in civil unions for years.  Why all of a sudden are clergy acting as if by granting them legality that civil unions will increase?  In reality, the official recognition is just already giving them the legal status that they have been seeking.  Hell, they deserve the right to be miserable just like everyone else in a long term relationship!  No, just kidding!  All I am saying is that it is what it is.  We need to stop acting like this is something new.  It isn’t.  The President isn’t going to stop gay and lesbian relationships if he endorses them or not.  Get over the nonsense and let the issue work itself out on its own.


Robbess Robin said...

All so true!

This country supposedly was founded on the right to practice religion as one chose and to grant these "freedoms" to all.

There are two forms of marriage/civil union:
legal and religious. for those that do not want to endorse same sex marriage for religious reasons, that is each individuals prerogative as long as they recognize that this is their right to believe as they choose religiously and not to expect everyone to always agree with, or join them in their way of thinking.

This also should mean that an individual's (or church's) opinion should not be tied into any kind of legal matter involving government policy.

Not only do these same sex marriages not threaten anyone else's religious beliefs, they actually uphold them! The new testament is the only place Jesus is "quoted". He does not ever condemn anyone for their marriage partner. He gives personal examples of accepting everyone and makes it clear that those involved in money (& politics) should remain out of any temples or places of worship; thus separating church and state.

Regarding the African-American, Evangelical, Catholic, or any other kind of "Christian" churches; imagine what you are saying to your own children who may be non-heterosexual. When you condemn those that are non-heterosexual, you are also judging some of your own children and casting them away.How is it possible to "accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior" if you chose to behave in a way that is the exact opposite of what he preached?

Another issue: people who love a same sex partner have probably been on this earth for as long as those who love an opposite sex partner. The difference is that a millennia ago, not only was survival difficult, it was imperative to reproduce in large numbers to insure the sustainability of the species. It made perfect sense to publicly comment on the importance of male/female procreation for this reason. Could it be that this is why, in the Old Testament statements were made regarding the status of partnering? The same sex pairs would not help increase numbers of the species.

Fast forward to the here and now: our species has not only reached sustainability, we have well exceeded it. If we were one of the "lesser species" that so many of us deem any other life form to be, we would need to be humanely culled (similar to deer) to ensure that we didn't create a burden on the environment. There is no question that the human species is now taxing this planet's ability to remain healthy.

I would like to posit that those of us who are in same gender relationships are now perhaps the balancing of this inclination of the human species to overpopulate. Consider this.

It is time to wake up and realize that religion and state are separate. It is time to realize that all people who are doing no harm to anyone else are harming no one. It is time to realize that we are all on this "ark" together and we need to be good stewards of it. It is time for our species to begin to behave as though it is an intelligent one if it is to remain on this earth. It is time to realize that there are way too many other more pressing issues and problems to deal with in sustaining the earth and it's inhabitants than to be so small minded. We need to work together to accept the gifts that each individual has to contribute (and many have been given by our non-heterosexual members of this human species), and move beyond petty self destructive behaviors based upon hate and fear. It is time to move forward.

Todney Harris said...

Mr. Rob, I absolutely agree with your eloquent statements. It appears that your thoughts mirror my own. I appreciate the substantial references in your work to illustrate the importance of the information! Please continue to follow my blog.
God bless