Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Real Reason Why Education is Failing...(Todney Harris)

For those of you who have been following my progression with my blog, my book entitled Battlegrounds: America’s War in Education and Finance outlines key issues as to what is “broken” in the educational system and what “remedies” can be applied to not necessarily fix or solve every issue but make some meaningful changes that could have considerable effect in the future.  After lengthy and considerable conversations with colleagues, I feel the need to make a statement that I have not made in the book.  At this juncture, I feel that the overall denigration of American culture has contributed significantly to the denigration of our educational system.

After careful consideration, it is my humble opinion that the one factor that politicians and pundits have not spoken about is the lack of respect that currently exists for the institution as a whole.  Asian and Indian cultures do not suffer from this issue at all.  One thing is for certain; a lack of respect for elders, and teachers in general is not tolerated whatsoever.  Culturally, all sectors of society support education and schools in general.  

America and its leaders need to understand this philosophy.  I have an important question:  How are the educators in society expected to compensate for the weaknesses ingrained our culture?  I have already explained in my book that everything that happens in America finds its way into a classroom.  I just don’t understand how educators are expected to solve the inequities of poverty and teach students concurrently?  It is public information throughout the halls of our government is that parents cannot be legislated.  There will never be a law that makes parents accountable for raising their children.  In addition, there is no way that American culture can be legislated as well.

As a proud teacher, I will defend my progeny to my last breath.  I am aware of the educational gaps that exist between poor and rich students.  Once again, educators are not responsible for the condition of poverty.  Yet we are expected to solve the issues.  In my book I have made it perfectly clear that the institution of education cannot be reformed without reforming the institution of Capitalism first!

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