Friday, February 24, 2012

Parent Accountability! Please answer question!

I need some valid responses from the world community in reference to this question!

Education Reform:
Teacher's are being held to higher standards of accountability in the classroom for student learning. What is a proper method for involving parents?
How can parents share in the accountability for their child's learning while in school?

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K. L. Belvin said...

Parents have to take an active role in the child's learning. Which means coming to the school to plan and discuss methods of dispensing the education. They have to make sure they are accountable in their own homes and are open to talk about what they don't understand. Also the teacher has to be open and engaging so the parent and child feel comfortable from start to finish. There are now new methods just doing more of what we know works. In my classroom it has been that way and over 15 years I have seen it work. Include the parent and the teacher becomes an extended resource to the child, watch the child succeed.

Tacoma said...

I teach in a middle school. The biggest problem we have is not teacher accountability, but parent and student accountability. The students are "placed" if they do not do well enough to "pass", or if they have missed too many days (some miss 30-60). We have a hard time getting parents to come in and sign PEP's, IEP's, etc..even though we have report card pickup at least 2 times per year. How do we create student accountability along with parent accountability?

Todney Harris said...

Well, Tacoma I am glad that you asked. I teach in a middle school setting as well. Over the years, I have experienced some of the same set of circumstances. I am hopeful that a positive relationship between parents and teachers can be established. If interested please peruse my book. I make meaningful and logical suggestions that if implemented could transform the gap of communication that exists between teachers and parents.

Patrice said...

There are some educators who would like to see a parental report card.
Grade parents on attendance of their children, homework completion etc. - just a thought.

Todney Harris said...

The Governor in the State of Florida suggested the same thing!

Patrice said...

I think it's a good idea ... let's put a parental report card in the newspaper! :)

Todney Harris said...

Excellent idea. Are you serious about doing this?

Patrice said...

I think you start by contacting your elected officials and put the idea out there. I'm certain you'll have some supportive and some not. Speak to your school administrators and your school board. With the gut to education all across this nation, we cannot do the job without parental involvement. If we begin to put parents to the same kind of scrutiny that educators are facing, perhaps we will see some change.