Friday, January 20, 2012

"Were theLatin Americans Hit Hard by the Global Recession?" AboutThe Author: Allen Smith

Were the Latin Americans Hit Hard by the Global Recession?
Abu’s market crashes down hundreds of points in just a matter of hours, it will be quite tough for the Latin Americans to avoid the effects of the global recession. During the recession, the region’s economy has slumped down greatly and has shown a double digit fall in the industrial output.  Yet Latin American countries have been hit by four recessionary forces. This has resulted in the decline of manufacturing sectors, trade and exports.
What are its after effects?
Theater effects of the Global recession have greatly infected the Latin-Americans. There has been a sharp decline in remittance. This has resulted in the decline of the demands for external goods and services and changes in the relative price of exports. According to Ms. Barcena, the Executive Secretary of the UN Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) one of the hardest hit sectors of the region is the stock market. In the month of April2008, market has been slashed by 32 per cent, whereas export of the same year has declined by 29.2 percent and 34.6 percent drop has been found in the imports during the same period. The GDP in Latin America has contracted slightly in the next year. But it has recovered quite soon in the next following year. According to the prediction of thief, there has been a growth of population by 1.3 % in the same year. As a result income per person has shrunken down.

How it has affected the employees?
Due to the recession, people are feared to make further investment. As result, it has been noted that the foreign direct investment has been slashed by 35-45 percent in the same year. This has resulted in the increase of the percentage of the unemployed. It has been estimated that unemployment in that year have rose up to 9 percent. People who are staying outside and working has faced a lot of problems. As result, money sent by them to their home land reduced by 5-10 percent.
However, this is not the first time Latin America is facing a recession. Previously in the year 1980, it faced a recession and it took 12years for the economy to recover. Since the growth of development has slowed down, it is expected that the developing countries should participate in helping the Latin Americans maintain strict regulations on financial systems in order to bring about a global growth.

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