Thursday, January 12, 2012

Battlegrounds: America's War in Education and Finance: A View From the Front Lines!

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Educator Gives Hope To Parents Seeking To Take Back Their Authority in New Book         
East Hartford, Connecticut  (questionable)- Parent, author and educator, Todney Harris reveals the long-lasting effects of parental involvement and lack thereof in a child’s education in his new book, America’s War in Education and Finance: The Fight to Save Public Education in America expected to launch in early 2012. 

In society, many of today’s youth are beginning to perceive the media as their parents and their teachers. Therefore, real parenting and the importance of an education are perceived as obsolete. In his book, Harris provides parents tips to reclaim their role.  For example, by establishing a positive, communicative relationship with their child’s teachers and attending parent-teacher conferences, parents are enhancing their parent-child relationship.

 My ultimate goal is to increase both students and parents’ interests and involvement in the educational curriculum,” exclaims Harris when asked what he wants readers to gain from his book.

 About Todney Harris

Todney Harris has been an educator within the Hartford, CT public school system for 15 years. He is a strong advocate for community involvement and educational reform. He is an educator at New Haven Board of Education and Jepson Multi Age Middle Magnet in New Haven, CT. To find out more information about Todney Harris and his book, please visit

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