Sunday, December 18, 2011

Writing and Marketing Tips for Authors (my thoughts)

Hello and good day fellow authors!
My name is Todney Harris.  I am pleased to write a few words regarding the process of publishing and marketing books that are self published.  I want to begin the conversation by stating that I heavily emphasize having your publication professionally reviewed prior to publishing.  It is a worthy investment and it helps to ensure author credibility.  So with that statement, let me begin!
First, control your product!  Prior to publishing anything online, own your domain names.  Establish control of your product.  For example, your name and the name of your book should be the priority.  Purchase the domains and create your websites from templates that are very easy to manipulate.  Word Press and Go Daddy are online sellers that offer templates for all types of genres.  Once the domain names are purchased, create your websites!  Once the websites are officially published, make sure that they are registered with the major search engines.  Use key words and or phrases that will allow your book to appear in the links that consumers are researching! 
Next, take the time to target your market. It is very important to locate the venues, online media, publications, organizations and any other outlets that are necessary in order to promote your book.  All of your social media efforts must revolve around your target market.  Establish relationships with people who advertise and publicize the types of genres that you have written.  On a personal note, I have learned that Twitter, Face book, Linkedin, as well as the blog and personal websites that I have created have been quite successful in promoting my ideas and establishing relationships.   I have met people who are not only interesting in purchasing my book, but these people are also interested in sharing information as well.  I think that I have been so successful in manipulating social media is due to the fact that I have all of my social media sites linked or bundled together.  It does not matter what site that a consumer is using, one site will lead to another of mine!
The most important piece of information that I have to share is that reach out to people whom you meet via social media!  A phone call goes a long way in establishing a personal relationship.  Involve the people whom you are going to need for promotion.  The most important thing that I have learned is that the traditional model of publishing is losing its dominance.  It makes sense to establish relationships with those online organizations who read, review, edit and publish books.  One strategy that I have a lot of success with revolves around blogging!  I have established relationships with those people.  I have written guest posts, read and reviewed book myself, and used those services to advertise my book as well.  Once again, relationships are everything! 
In closing, I just want to say that the better organized you are the more results you will encounter.  BE PROFFESSIONAL at all times.  Please take the time and invest in yourself.  Any online tool that you use must be of the highest quality.  If you do not take the time to do this, you will seriously compromise your credibility.  Do not even think about putting any product online that is not complete!   Remember, the success of your product depends upon how you represent yourself.  I try to emulate the processes of major book publishers.  I try and follow the “model” that major publishers use for their successful authors.   

Thank You Very Much!

Todney Harris

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