Friday, December 30, 2011

Privatization (my thoughts)

According to data from the Shanker Institute, Charter schools do not perform any better or worse than schools in the public sector.  It is my opinion that the movement towards privatization is of a profit motive by corporate elitists.  In addition, it is simply a union busting technique.  Charter schools are non unionized.  If true reform efforts are going to be implemented, then the educators who are in charge of servicing America's youth must be given the right to effect meaningful and necessary change.  Once again, I make reference to my book!  Purchase it and read it.  I make suggestions that are appropriate and most importantly, COST EFFECTIVE!
Todney Harris


Mary said...

I agree wholeheartedly. I work in a state and city where there is a huge push for charter schools and privatization. Schools and teachers are now "graded" while the ultimate goals remain the same - goals that have no basis in the reality of what it means to educate the kinds of kids we face these days with the myriad problems with which they live and bring to the classroom. Charter schools in the city where I work have, by and large, failed. Not all but most. Why? Because in point of fact business people know nothing about educating. They draw money from the public schools while making bold promises that they soon discover simply don't work. I do, however, think there are problems with the teacher unions protecting bad teachers. Unions of every ilk do that. One of the major problems with them. But I also know that most teachers work hard against nearly insurmountable odds, not the least of which is a government that doesn't get it and that has put in place a system of measurement that is unrealistic and punitive. If a teacher is that unrealistic and punitive in a classroom he or she is demonized. But the non-educators who are telling teachers what to do are allowed to hold ridiculous expectations over our heads while giving us very little with which to work. It's a system that, on its face, appears to be set up to intentionally create failure and the only reason I can come up with for that is that it gives the non-educators the ammunition they need to move toward profiting from educating while dumbing down our youth a bit more with every passing year so there will be more and more sheep with no understanding of history or government. I'm also sick of the tired argument that we pale in comparison to the rest of the world when the rest of world only assesses the best and brightest. We assess all but 1% of our special educations students at grade level on academic skills regardless of their ability to work at grade level. Naturally, we look stupid. If every country did that they'd look worse than us I almost guarantee it.

Todney Harris said...

Mary, I thank you for visiting my blog. I am very pleased that you have taken the time to write a comment. I must say that I agree with you wholeheartedly. It appears that magnet and charter schools are being created to make money from the people who reside in the public sector who are often poor and disenfranchised. I must say that I am very frustrated as it pertains to the constant testing and the rigidity that envelopes subject matter curriculums. The educational system is in a downward spriral that is going to be very hard to recover from if something isn't done to arrest the spiral. I have written a book that speaks to these issues and more. Please visit my website to learn more. The book information is located there. Once again, thanks for visiting the blog and stay tuned! Stay in touch!Also, come back and join my blog!
Todney Harris