Sunday, December 18, 2011

Book Excerpt (Introduction)

Hello America! I just thought that I would take a moment and explain the reason why I decided to dedicate myself to writing this publication. First, let me introduce myself. I am an African American male who has dedicated my life to servicing America’s youth as an educator. I have learned a great deal about education and the children of America during my career. My specialty is the content area of History and related subjects. I have worked at both the middle level and at the high school level. I can state for the record that I have enjoyed my career and the interaction with the youth for the last thirteen years. During this time, I have seen changes in this wonderful country of ours that has had a definitive effect on education. These changes in America are the inspiration for this book.
The reason why I have written this book is due to the fact that America’s economic classes (lower, middle and upper) as well as America’s most important institution education, focuses and revolves around the economic philosophy of capitalism. The economic social structure and educational structure in America was created due to the growth of industrialization in this country. The book focuses heavily on economics and it role in the American educational system. There are probably a few people who are wondering why a teacher in America would write a book that talks about America’s economic system due to the fact that I am not a college professor or a teacher of economics. In essence, I am serving as a primary source.  I am speaking in a forthright manner regarding the effects of economics on our educational system.  It is my hope that everyone enjoys the reading. I also hope that my thoughts that I have written are taken seriously.

 I think it is important to start the book by speaking about how our educational system functions currently and then make suggestions as to how the educational and economic systems can improved in a forthright and realistic manner. The politicians must be given a realistic and practical view of changes that will be effective. I have used experience and research to write this book. I hope that the information that is written is taken into serious consideration by the lawmakers in America.

I hope that whoever reads this does so with an open mind.   It is not my intent to be controversial or racist, but I just wish to state for the record that there are burning issues/problems that need addressing.  This situation is dire.  I cannot express the sense of urgency that is upon us.  I know that there are individuals that will repudiate what I have written.  There are those who fear the truth and will do everything in their power to reduce the importance of the truth.  All I ask is to be given the opportunity to foster discussion, as well as the opportunity to speak openly and in a candid manner regarding our current educational and economic issues.

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