Friday, November 4, 2011

Heritage Foundation news article

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Allan Trimble said...

This is a very interesting article. I have seen articles concerning teachers salaries for the past ten years. If you consider the time a teacher spends not only in class, but in preparation and and grading papers, I just dopn't see that they are so overpaid. But because teachers do not have professional Status they become the scape goat of government. I want you to write a similar article on the total wadges earned by both State and Federal Legislators. They are as over paid as any individual in our society. They raise their salaries, and daily pay, the autos they are given, and a stipend for just going to work. Who else in our society learns that kind of money for doing PUBLIC SERVICE.So before you start on teachers, start with the legislators. If they earned a normal salary, we wouldn't be having this discussion about reducing the pay of hard working educators.