Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Why NCLB is a Failure

Thus far, I have documented my personal feelings regarding the No Child Left Behind legislation.  As of the last week in September of 2011, the act will most certainly be revised during Obama’s administration.  Thus far, Arne Duncan the secretary of the Department of Education has revealed that some of the provisions in the act will be either be waived or substantially changed.  The major provision that all children be proficient in math and reading by 2014 will most definitely be scrapped from the legislation. In return for the waiver, the Obama administration is expected to attach teacher performance to students test scores and create the expectation that charter school are to be expanded within each state.  Obama and Arne Duncan have also stated publicly that each state would be given more flexibility regarding testing controls and standards.   
I agree with the fact that states should have more control.  I states previously that I think it is unconstitutional for the federal government to intervene in the affairs of education.  However, I still have a major issue with linking teacher evaluations and performance based on student test scores and student data.  As an educator, I have a fundamental disagreement with attaching teacher performance to student data and testing scores.  I can attest for the record that teachers try their best each and every day.  Educators have to work with the students that they are given.  It is our hope that all students come to school every day willing to work hard and to learn.  However, there are just too many variables that educators cannot control that undermine the process.  I think that some common sense has to be applied to in this situation.
 The overall consensus is that that requiring all students to be proficient in math and reading by 2014 has resulted in unnecessary pressure being put upon educators and administration.  The pressure has resulted in cheating scandals that occurred in the states of Georgia and Connecticut. 

A widespread scandal within the educational community ensued when the Governor’s office of student achievement investigated the abnormal number of erasures on student answer sheets. As a result of this investigation, principals, teachers and other department officials were implicated in the scandal. As a result these public officials and educational staff were either forced to resign or were fired if they weren’t willing to resign officially.

Another cheating scandal erupted in Waterbury Connecticut at Hopeville School. An administrator and a teacher were implicated in the tampering of elementary test scores. The Connecticut Mastery tests were subject to tampering in an effort to raise test scores as well. A state investigation found irregularities in the school's scores on the State Mastery Tests, there were major improvements, and in some cases, scoring top in Connecticut.
If student data and test scores are still going to be the focus of the No Child Left Behind revision, then more scandals could be a very real possibility in the future.  I think it is folly to continue to place undue pressure on teachers and administration.  This is the very core essence of the bill that needs revision!  I just cannot comprehend why this key issue hasn’t been understood by Mr. Duncan or President Obama.

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Allan Trimble said...

Thomas Jefferson understood the importence of education, as does the big corporations that are working to distroy the American dream. That is why I wrote my book, and offer some solutions so that we can bring America back to the Republic it started out to be.

As I stated in my book, big business has bought legislators to enact legislation that that does not include American history, that teqachers our students the value of being active in government affairs. We have gotten to the point where we listen to the MEDIA, (controlled by big corporations) who tell us how and who to vote for. Over the past 50 years they have acclimated the voter so they no longer think for themselves, and we find ourselves in the nmess we are not in. Most people would like to get out of this situation, but don't know how. I would hope that my two referendums would get the public back to an active roll in government, then we get the Government out of education, and back to local control. Then we have a chance to reshape our future.