Saturday, September 3, 2011

book excerpt "parental accountability"

Often times, parents view educators in contempt. In addition, parents have little or no respect for the educator that is charged with the care of his or her child. I believe that these pervasive attitudes exist due to the fact that many adults had a poor educational experience. Unfortunately, sixteen percent of Americans have not graduated from high school. There is a crisis in America concerning the dropout rate for teenagers. However, if an adult has a negative or poor attitude toward education, then his or her children are most likely going to have a poor educational experience as well. Adults become concerned with survival and putting food on the table,

which then supersedes a parent involving himself or herself in the educational experience of his or her child. As adults, we become enveloped in our daily lives and responsibilities. I understand that completely; still it is not an excuse to excuse a parent from becoming personally involved in the educational process of his or her child. A parent should want his or her child to be better than they are. A parent should want to give his or her child an opportunity to go forward with life in ways that they could not.

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