Monday, August 29, 2011

Ethical Capitalism

Hello!  I am just writing this post to state for the record that I am not a Communist or a Socialist.  I know that I have the Vulture Capitalism article written by Mr. Liverpool on my blog.  I just thought that it would be interesting to see how people would respond to the article.  I think that pure Capitalism will struggle to survive.  I am a proponent of "Ethical Capitalism" or Capitalism with a conscience!  Business have a responsibility to act with fiscal responsibility instead of focusing on greed and the economic "bottom line".  Anyway, feel free to comment!


Allan Trimble said...

I agree.A capitalistic economy is a good thing, but like every thing else in the world there is moderation. In the last 60 years we have come to look at money as the only thing of value, and in the process we are distroying the country. Parents woudl do well to teach their children that deeds are more important than money. This country was built on good deeds, and those that created them did will financially.The greed we now have is distructive to the Country and Democracy.

teachermant said...

Once again, I agree! Now we need to spread the message.