Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Parent Accountability

I have a question:  How do parents feel about being held accountable for his or her child's education?

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teachermant said...

In order for student achievement to function at the optimal level, parental involvement must take place! Students across America perform at their highest level when parents offer their encouragement, love and support for any and all educational activities that students of the modern world will encounter. Let me be clear: all parents must be involved in the educational careers of their children. I will state specific ways in which parents must be involved in order to ensure success:

A) Parents need to know how to support their children’s learning. In order to learn their children’s learning styles, parents must make school personnel partners instead of adversaries.

B) Parents must ensure that the skills learned in a classroom setting are practices and mastered in the home.
C) Parents must ensure that all assignments and projects are completed.

D) Parents must provide any and all educational materials that are necessary for the success of a child.

Skills that are a requirement of the modern world aren’t going to just magically materialize. If parents do not take a personal stake in what is occurring educationally, how can parents expect to achieve results?